Are you one to try new foods? Sometimes you get a restaurant recommendation, and you have to step out of your comfort zone to really enjoy the menu at the place suggested. That’s okay because you get new experiences. Your next meal might be one of those experiences, or maybe you would rather stick with what you know this time around. Either way, these four Dallas restaurants aren’t going to disappoint.

The Meddlesome Moth is one great choice for your next Dallas dining experience. Located at 1621 Oak Lawn Avenue, The Meddlesome Moth features on its menu what is called a bacon waffle. There are some strange things that also make the menu at this establishment, but that tells you right there that this might be a pick that will have you trying something new. If you would rather stick to what you know, then you might want to look at the next restaurant selection.

Smoke is a top Dallas restaurant that serves up some of the best barbecue. Located on Fort Worth Avenue, Smoke is known for its brisket hash for starters, and you can also order up ribs, pulled pork and more. Blueberry pancakes are also on the menu. What a combination! You can order up pancakes and barbecue at the same place. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop is located on Commerce Street, and its Cuban sandwiches are part of its claim to fame. They have what they call a secret sauce, too. You will enjoy an amazing lunch and a unique and delicious menu. Deep Ellum is a great place to explore and take a stroll, and a stop at Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop would make for a great dining experience.

Do you love cafes? Bread Winners Cafe is a great pick, and its location is 3301 McKinney Avenue. Chicken and waffles, breakfast tacos and more are on the menu at this dining establishment. It seems like it would be a great pick for enjoying a nice brunch in Dallas. The Bread Winners Cafe is said by reviewers to have been around for decades, so you know it’s a hit with the locals.

While all four restaurants sound great, I’m not as excited about the first one as I am the other three. I saw some things on the menu that just don’t fit my tastes. You have to pick which restaurant fits your taste. I know exactly where I would be heading first. It’s time for barbeuce and pancakes!